H2H Platform


My platform funnel was developed with a goal of achieving significant results in Columbus when I’m elected. A strong set of actions and deliverables flow into three major priority buckets, which in turn provide substance to my core philosophy of Bipartisan Collaboration.

Action Plan for a Healthy Community


Decisions to spend tax dollars are best made by local elected officials who understand the needs of their community members. By shifting funds back to local governments and facilitating their decision making and regional collaborations, state government will truly turn Ohio around in terms of economic development, educational achievement and citizen prosperity.


All Ohioans must have access to high quality educational resources to succeed. Innovative Education Strategies are critical to equipping people with 21st century skills and facilitating workforce competitiveness. We must strengthen our public schools, encouraging STEM and inquiry-based learning.


Improved pay, effective workforce readiness programs and job creation are key to economic vitality and better quality of life. Smart Economic Development means that we invest in infrastructure, which will create good jobs paying better wages to ensure a sustainable and secure future for Ohioans.

You’ll hear more details about all the steps in this platform model at my speaking engagements on the road to election day. I hope to see you at one or more of them over the next few months!


Brian K. Housh for 73rd District, Ohio House of Representatives