Ohio has consistently cut income taxes over more than a decade. Do you support further reductions or increases in the state income tax? Why?

I am concerned that further reductions in Ohio’s income tax will cause fiscal instability for our state while not achieving the ultimate goal of improving job creation. It is critical that the local government fund be restored so that municipalities are not forced to cut services if new levies are not passed. Although lowering taxes is appealing, one negative impact is that we are not able to adequately invest in infrastructure and brighter futures for citizens. Current income tax policy has meant that more burden falls on lower- and middle-income Ohioans. Successful companies, which we want to remain or locate in our state, prioritize economically vital regions because they can only thrive where there are well-trained workers, reliable transportation systems and strong markets. This requires public investment in schools, infrastructure, training and services, which a reasonable income tax rate helps to fund.

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