Ohio is a “purple” state in presidential elections when voter turnout is the highest. Yet, the GOP has big majorities in the General Assembly. How would you work across the aisle on important issues?

My vision is that through Bipartisan Collaboration, we WILL do better as a state government in making a difference in the lives of Ohioans.  Elected officials must focus on what really matters to citizens, putting people above party & politics.  I strongly believe that state legislators must really listen to each other and earnestly foster dialogue.  The divisiveness that defines government these days must end, and we are in a position on the local, regional and state levels to influence better practices among federal elected officials.  I have proven my ability to collaborate with a skill set to get things done – persistence, positive thinking and practicality.  I listen carefully and communicate effectively.  I know how to work with people, actively encouraging community engagement with full appreciation for the value of consensus and compromise that reflects all the best ideas from diverse perspectives.  I have been directly involved in such bipartisan initiatives as the Clean Ohio Fund, which has made a major difference in the economic & environmental health of our state and the physical & mental well-being of Ohioans, and I appreciate the powerfully positive profound effects that working across party lines can have for community members.  This is what continues to excite and motivate me to be involved in government.  My background and experience have equipped me well for making a difference as a state elected official.

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