What are the two biggest challenges facing the state and how would you deal with them?

The two biggest challenges facing Ohio are our aging infrastructure and our decreasing competitiveness.  Smart Economic Development is one of my policy priorities, focusing on investment in infrastructure, which will create good jobs and ensure sustainable and secure futures for all Ohioans.  In the last six years, Ohio has fallen from 5th to 23rd in education system rankings among the fifty states.  To turn around our state’s steady declines in quality of education, Innovative Education Strategies are critical; we can equip people with 21st century skills and facilitate workforce readiness by strengthening our public schools and encouraging STEM & inquiry-based learning.  I am a doer and will hit the ground running as a State Representative.  During my three years on Village Council, I have been engaged with investing in infrastructure, establishing community development policies, balancing budgets and addressing affordability.  I know what it takes to successfully represent a diverse group of community members.

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