What makes you more qualified than your opponent to hold this office?

I am confident that through Bipartisan Collaboration, we WILL do better as a state government! The current divisiveness that hinders government decision making and adversely affects Ohioans must change. I am uniquely qualified to facilitate this change, with a skill set that has allowed me to make significant progress in extremely challenging situations. My optimism, communications savvy, rationality and authenticity are the key success factors that will lead to making a positive difference for community members. Focusing on Smart Economic Development, Innovative Education Strategies and Socially Responsible Fiscal Practices will enhance the lives of all citizens. By shifting tax dollars back to local governments, elected officials can better respond to people’s needs. And, it is clear that restoring infrastructure, creating jobs and effectively educating Ohioans will translate to improved competitiveness and quality of life. As Council Vice President in Yellow Springs, I am engaged in major projects that enhance quality of life for our residents and promote economic well-being for our community – constructing a new water plant/upgrading the system, building a 1 MW solar array to power our community, advocating for youth programming, e.g. YS Skate Park & Youth Center improvements, actively supporting our municipal broadband initiative, succeeding in balancing the Village budget, promoting citizen engagement via online channels including Facebook & YouTube, leading our Economic Sustainability Commission and Community Access Panel, collaboratively developing a local policing vision, and initiating and executing transparency-oriented projects that strengthen leadership and decision making.

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